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AUVS UV Disinfection Box

The Smart Phone & Tablet Contamination Crisis

In the battle against Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI's), one of the most common first lines of defense seems to be a vigorously renewed focus on hand hygiene programs and compliance. A few years ago some surveys, small and large, suggested clinicians had drifted away from compliance and thoroughness when it came to washing up. In response, reminders, improved awareness efforts and award-winning poster programs sprang up at facilities across the country.

As noble as these efforts were and are, it does raise the question: How much progress can we possibly make if we scrub up, wash, use sanitizers and antimicrobials but then immediately pick up the most contaminated devices we could possibly find anywhere and continue to handle those devices all day and night? 

One solution already targeting small hand-held devices with UV technology is the KR615 Germicidal Enclosure from Advanced UV Systems, llc. Nicknamed “The UV Box” by clinicians, the KR615 has been adopted by more than 100 hospitals since its introduction less than one year ago. Small non-medical devices including smart phones and tablets are simply placed inside the enclosure, the containment door is closed and in less than 60 seconds 99.9% of the toughest to kill contaminants are sanitized.

If it fits, it's disinfected in less than a minute!