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Penner Bathing Systems and Transfers

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Penner has been providing quality bathing systems for nursing homes, hospitals and assisted living facilities since 1980. What began as a home-based distributorship for Century Manufacturing, has developed into Penner Bathing Spas which has become an international leader in the design and development of quality bathing spas for the healthcare industry.

All Penner Bathing Spas have been developed with the end-user in mind. Dependability, ease of operation and low cost of ownership are the benchmarks on which Penner Bathing Spas has built its reputation. More than 300 years of combined experience goes into the design and development of their bathing spas. 

In 2015 Penner Bathing Spas expanded its facilities to add new offices and a national showroom featuring all of their bathing spas. The showroom is open to the public by appointment. The new 22,000 square foot facility also consolidated the manufacturing and assembly operations to increase productivity and meet the growing demand for their bathing spas across the United States and Canada.

Choose from more than 37 different models. Penner Bathing Spas has the right spa for your facility! 

Disinfecting Procedures 
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