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A more hygienic approach to curtains. Studies have proven that curtains are a source of infection and can not be cleaned regularly and economically. With a hard surface material like the Silentia Screen, the surface can be wiped and disinfected immediately, eliminating the need to remove, launder, and reinstall a new set of curtains.

An intelligent design that optimizes hygiene and practicality.

Simplicity is another benefit, as underlined by EasyClean, EasyReturn, and EasyClick - three features that contribute to maximum hygiene, versatility, and ease of use. The wide range of heights, lengths, and colours, also ensure that our screens fit in well in most care environments.


Let the sun shine in!

The products in the range undergo continuous development. Recent additions include our frosted Daylight screens, which let in even more light. 

We also offer large bed end screens, an easy to use trolley for mobile use, and fixed screen sections that allow you to create a room within a room without drilling holes in the walls.

Maximize room overview without loss of integrity.

A Silentia screen preserves the integrity of patients without preventing staff from having a good view of the room and having eye contact with each other.


This is especially important in intensive care and observation wards where staff also need to have a clear view of monitoring equipment.


At the same time it allows daylight to flood into the rooms. Because each screen can be moved to one side it is easy to increase the space around the bed if required for care procedures. If additional space is required, a mobile end screen can also be added.